Websites for Associations

A resource for their members and to further the interests of a body of professionals

As an association web designer and developer, I’ve had experience with the nuances involved in building association websites.

Association websites generally have several objectives. They serve as a communication channel, a resource for their members and to further the interests of a body of professionals.

Some common elements of professional association websites are:

  • Cost and benefits of Membership
  • Information about the association
  • Information about the Board
  • Store of association products and merchandise
  • Donations
  • Integration with a membership management system (CRM)
  • Directories

Associations are aiming to connect people working in the same industry. It is important to optimise your association website to align it with your industry. Be prominent in areas where people in your industry are searching!


Associations commonly integrate their website with a suitable Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). This assists with the day-to-day management of memberships.

The website may have a public-facing member directory. This can be automated from the CRM to the website with an integration. This will save double-handling the information.


Your website should form a collective body of resources for your members including:

  • information on professional development, courses
  • advocacy
  • opportunities


Build a community with news to share:

  • Association News
  • Advocacy
  • Member Support
  • Share ideas

Online Sales / eCommerce capability

Some associations have a need for selling items relative to their industry. Whether it be merchandise, digital products, services or tools to assist your members.

Associations may also need the functionality of accepting online donations.

Online Learning

Associations often offer some form of education or professional development to their members. Online training and education can be a simple format or in the form of a learning management system (LMS).

Growing your association website

Webtree works with clients to grow their websites over time. Websites are custom designed. Clients can quickly and easily update key content.

Webtree websites often begin simply and have functionality added over time. Your association website can start small and grow at a later time. eCommerce functionality, a member list or member resources are able to be added at a later stage.

We work closely with your communications team to get the right outcomes for your association, providing your members with the resources and services they require.

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