Website Audits

At Webtree, we cut through the digital noise to focus on what really matters for your business’s website. Our website audits aren’t just checklists — they’re deep dives into your site’s health with one goal: making your website perform better, period. We provide custom website audits for customers in Canberra and all over Australia.

Why Custom Website Audits?

Every website, every business goal, and every budget is unique. That’s the reality I work with at Webtree. Another important factor is the level of access you can grant me. The depth of access directly influences the scope and detail of the audit I can perform.

That’s why I start with a no-charge, no-obligation phone conversation. It’s not just about understanding your objectives; it’s also about figuring out how deep I can dive into your website based on the access you provide. This conversation is crucial – it lets me tailor my recommendations and give you a clear, transparent quote for your audit.

Things to include in your site audit

Things that may be encompassed in an audit depending on your needs:

  • Technical Health Check: Pinpointing technical glitches that impact your site’s performance.
  • SEO Review: Analysing your on page and off page SEO and suggesting ways to improve.
  • Content Efficacy Review: Evaluating your content not just for quality but for its ability to engage and convert.
  • UX Analysis: Making sure your website is easy to navigate.
  • Performance Metrics Deep-Dive: Using advanced tools to really understand what’s happening behind your traffic stats.
  • Competitive Analysis: Giving you the lowdown on where you stand in your market.

Contact us today to organise a no-obligation phone conversation to discuss your website audit requirements and pricing.

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