Tools for Communication Professionals

Once you discover these tools, you'll wonder what you did before.

Last updated: 28/3/22

There are some amazing tools on the market to help us with daily tasks. These are a few that I’ve found and use regularly – some I don’t know how I managed with out them.

They all have free versions unless noted.

Colour Tools

Generate colour shades

Generate a set of shades based from one colour.

Tints and shades generator

Generate tints and shades from one colour.

Colour gradients

A great selection of gradients and how to simulate them. And yes, gradients are back.

More colour gradients

More gradients and how to simulate them.

Graphic Design Tools

Canva - online design and publishing

I'm sure you've probably already using this one. There's a free version and it's great for spinning up a quick social media post or any sort of quick graphics.

Contrast checker

Contrast and colour accessibility checker. When overlaying text on a colour, always check accessibility.

Shape Generator

Create a SVG shape or blob to use in your materials.

Google Fonts

Download Google Fonts to use in your materials.

Website Tools

Clarity Heat Map

Replay and watch your users navigate through your website to get behaviour analytics to make improve user experience.


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