Building a website with Webtree

Each website that Webtree develops is custom designed. Every web development experience with Webtree is a little different. The following is a rough guide to our website building process.

Building a website

The first stage is an in-person meeting*:
*if you aren’t in Canberra, there are other options.

We’ll start the website building process by discussing what you’re looking to achieve through your website.

Some of our clients have clear goals and know exactly what they want. Other clients only know they need a website and we guide them through the process.

We ask a bunch of questions to find out how your website will best integrate with your business: 
Once we’ve determined the objectives of the website, we’ll develop an outline. We aim to give your visitors an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

In our meeting, we will also discuss images, content, logo and hosting. We then plan on getting these items in place.
We will then put together a fixed-price quotation. This will outline the basic structure of the website and functionality.
Note that your aspirations for your website may grow throughout the building process. In most cases, the fixed-price quotation covers these changes. Only major changes in functionality attract an extra fee. We would discuss any changes to the original quotation with you before proceeding.

On acceptance of the quotation, the website build commences.

Website Building Process

Stage 1: The build

Often we will start by building a “style-free working wireframe” (see below). We use the wireframe to prioritise the functionality of the site before styling.

The wireframe is an early version of the website. The wireframe has all the pages and a working menu. It has placeholders for the images and content.

We then put the wireframe version of the website on the test server. You can have a play, have a look around and make sure everything is where it should be.
Based on your feedback a few changes are generally made to the layout.

Wireframe to Website
Initial Wireframe to finished website

Then we proceed to stage 2: styling – adding all the content and images.

We perform testing and quality checks and then your website is moved back to the test server for you to look over.

Once you’re happy, we will coordinate with your hosting people** to get the site live.
**This is the server where your website lives. We’ll work through these types of questions during the planning phase.

Stage 3: Your website is live!

Once the site is live, We perform some ongoing quality checks over the coming few weeks.

Quality assurance testing includes everything from page load speeds to search engine optimisation.

Your site design is responsive, meaning it adapts to suit tablets and mobile devices.

We ensure that you are comfortable updating content. You will be able to update your content and grow your site.

Ongoing maintenance

Webtree offers advice on keeping your site secure, your software updated and backed-up. Or, Webtree can provide this service for you.

Contact Webtree today by telephoning 0433 556 837 or send us a quick email. We can give you an indicative costing over the phone.