Gutenberg Editor Custom Blocks

With the recent addition of Gutenberg to WordPress, we can now use drag-and-drop blocks to easily create posts and pages.

WordPress has many default blocks and is adding more all the time, but often organisations can benefit from having their own custom block to suit their specific purpose.

Blocks can have many functions. Here are some examples of custom blocks Webtree has created:

Webtree built this custom Gutenberg Block so that the client can upload an image, label and caption and have it format perfectly.

Custom Gutenberg Block for Promotions
Custom Gutenberg Block for Promotions
More promotional custom block examples
Custom Gutenberg Block for Properties
Custom block that outputs a selected property
Custom Gutenberg Block - Info Rollovers
Custom block that allows the website owner to upload an image and specify points on the image to display informational rollovers.

Once you start utilising blocks with your business, you may realise the power of having custom blocks created for you. Webtree can develop custom Gutenberg blocks for your company to make updating your site incredibly easy.