Track your website with Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides statistical data on visitors to your website. It’s free and it’s extremely powerful.

In order for Google to capture statistics for your website, you will need to sign up for a Google account and place some Google code onto your site. Once up and running, Google will report the following details of your visitors:

  • Number of daily visitors
  • Number of pages viewed on each visit
  • Amount of time visitors spent on each page
  • Whether the visitor was new or a returning visitor
  • What country or city the visitor was from
  • Whether the visitor bounced (left straight away without looking around
  • What type of internet browser the visitor used (eg. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox)
  • What sort of device the visitor was using (eg. Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • Whether the visitor came from a Google Search, a Google Paid Ad, a link to your site provided somewhere else on the net (eg. Whirlpool Forums)

If you have a WordPress website and want to get started with Google Analytics, this is how you can get started:

Sign up for a free Google Analytics account and in doing so, you will retrieve the code required for your website that links the two together eg. GA-111000-1.

Download and activate a plugin such as Google Analytics for WordPress. Add your Google Analytics code to the plugin and then you should start to see data feeding into your Google Analytics account.

Alternatively, contact your developer and they can add the tracking code for you.

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