Drive visitors to your website, not away!

The goal is to keep your users on your website until they engage in your call-to-action.

We need to disengage the user from their task (scrolling through Facebook, checking their emails, looking through a magazine) and bring them to your website where you have their full attention.

Once you have visitors on your website, the goal is to keep them there until they engage in one of your call-to-actions (call or email).

Your website should be the centre of your marketing campaigns and usually the last call before your client picks up the phone to call you or emails.

Rather than trying to sell within Facebook, your post should entice the user onto the relevant page (or landing page)of your website. Rather than trying to sell directly in your emails. Include a short introduction in your email (for each topic) and a ‘read more’ link to your website.

Worst still, providing click-through social media (eg embedded Instagram feed) on your website is just trying your users away. Providing small social media links in the footer of your website provides a way for people to connect if they are looking.

Leads to website

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