Google has implemented the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project which aims to have web pages load as quickly as possible on mobile phones.

We all know the frustration that comes from waiting seconds (feels like hours) for a web page to load on our mobile phone. Google’s solution to this is AMP. Web Pages that are AMP compliant will be given precedence in mobile search results (but really good content is probably more important).

The way it works is AMP strips everything out of the page that isn’t necessary. Only the basic formatting is kept and any fancy design is stripped away. The result is that the page loads almost instantly which translates to a good user experience. You can see what this page would look like on a mobile device by adding /amp to the end of the URL (website address ie.

If you’re using WordPress, AMP is fairly easy to implement. Just install the AMP Plugin (authored by Automattic, the founder of This plugin automatically adds the necessary html tags to all your posts to attempt to make them AMP compliant. (At this time it does not apply to your pages). From Webmaster Tools you can see if your AMP pages have any errors and if Google is indexing them (this may take a little time). Once the plugin is installed, you can also see what your posts will look like by adding /amp to the end of the URL (website address).

AMP is very new at the time of writing this post.  I expect the AMP Plugin will grow with better coverage and more features in the future.